Families of Affinity; James E. Hughes, Jr.
As it takes 150 years for a copper beach tree {read a great family} to mature, plant today because there is no time to waste.
Beware of entropy and the form it takes in families as described by the universal cultural proverb, 'Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations.'
Believe in the principle of inclusion that affinity suggests you can never have enough human and intellectual assets on the family balance sheet.
Families of affinity, not families of blood, will be those who flourish five generations into the future, and can imagine going on from there in an unending upward spiral of new flourishing generations.
Families have no transactions, they have multiple transitions.
The vision underlying a system of family governance must be the enhancement of the pursuit of happiness of each individual family member as part of the enhancement of the family as a whole for the purpose of achieving the long-term preservation of the family's wealth: its human, intellectual, and financial capital.