Families of Affinity; James E. Hughes, Jr.


Family: The Compact Among Generations.

1st edition, 2007.

The successor volume—and intellectual prequel—to Family Wealth

Why do some families thrive for generations? What accounts for the sad deterioration that other families experience? This book builds on the now widely accepted practices offered in Hughes's signature work Family Wealth and offers families the professionals who serve them a view of his panoramic insights into what makes families flourish and fail. It lays out the basis for the vision of family governance the author has developed through his work and research. His advice addressed not only what to do but how to think about the complex issues of family goveranance, growth and stability, and the ongoing challenge of nurturing the happiness of each family member.

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Family wealth—keeping it in the family: How family members and their advisers preserve human, intellectual, and financial assets for generations.

2nd edition, revised and expanded, 2004.

The Problem—the history of long-term wealth preservation in families is failure epitomized by the universal cultural proverb, "Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations."

This is the landmark book that changed the way exceptional families think about their heritage, their wealth, and their legacy to future generations - now revised and expanded. Charles W. Collier, Senior Philanthropic Adviser at Harvard University, hails this as, "A masterpiece. No one is more astute than Jay Hughes about the topics of family wealth and family life."